Don’t Be Deceived

For a long time I blamed others for my problems and my pain.  A part of forgiving others is undertanding that Satan is the source of our problems and our pain.  He works through others to cause us pain and if we’re not careful he can deceive us and cause us to hurt others through our words and actions.  He can also deceive us and cause us to make bad choices that can cause problems for ourselves. For so many years of my life I made bad choices because I felt I had no other choice.  The truth is I always had another choice. John 10:10 refers to Satan as the thief who comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  He will try to  deceive us in anyway he can in order to steal our joy and destroy our lives.

In order to prevent ourselves from being deceived we must have knowledge of the truth, God’s truth.  We gain that knowledge by spending time in His presence through prayer and His Word.  As Christians we should never stop learning and growing as children of God.  Spend time with Him today and everyday.  God Bless!


About The Pursuit of Purpose

I am a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother. I have three daughters and one grandson. My husband is working in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor.
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