The Book

About seven years ago the Lord placed the desire in my heart to write a book sharing my experiences and lessons learned in life.  For many years I listened to Satan’s lies when he would tell me no one would be interested in hearing or reading anything I had to say.  I’ve realized that Satan wanted me to believe his lies because he doesn’t want me to do anything good for the kingdom of God. He recognizes what a powerful weapon I can be against him and for the Lord.   I also spent far too much time trying to find the victory in my life that would encourge and inspire others by offering them hope.  The fact is the victories in my life have come daily.  I looked at my inabilities instead of God’s capabilities and what He can do through me.  I have been working on my manuscript and the Lord has sent someone into my life to help me tell my story.  She has writing experience and has published thirteen books.  It is wonderful when you see people in your life and are able to recognize the fact that God has brought you together.  Instead of viewing this assignment God has given me as an overwhelming one which exceeds my abilities, I am now extremely excited about it because I am seeing Him working through me.  It is my desire that when people pick this book up to read it they won’t be able to put it down.  When they’ve finished reading it I want them to feel it is the best book they’ve ever read.  I want them to walk away from it with new or renewed hope, faith, belief, strength and courage.


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